Request to access non-public personal data

According to ICANN’s temporary specification for gTLD registration Data, we as a registrar must provide reasonable access to personal data in domain name registration data to third parties, on the basis of a legitimate interest, except where such interest are overridden by the interest or fundamental rights and freedoms of the registered name holder or data subject.

If you think you have legitimate interest to access personal data for a domain name you need to send us a request for data to

The e-mail must contain the domain name and information about your legitimate interest in the data. If you have a Danish court order please attach a copy.

Each e-mail can only contain request for data for one domain name and in order to cover our cost we will charge 25€ for every request. Please include invoicing information in your request.

This has to be paid before we handle the request and since it cover the cost for us to handle your request there will be no refund if we can’t give you the data you requested.